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Stones Supplier In Queens

We have a team of experts to help you determine the right material for your project to get the desired end result. So give us a call or simply request a free price quote from our website.

From exterior to interior walls, we have quality stones sourced from all around the world. Get your stone project done right at an affordable cost with Five Boro Building Supply.

Five Boro Building Supply provides the highest quality stones, including:
  • Granite steps with multiple colors;
  • Natural granite steps;
  • Limestone and blue stone steps;
  • Tiles and sill options for all building projects.

The construction industry has drastically changed over the past year. Traditional practices and the use of only one kind of stone have now transformed into innovative designs and fusion materials sourced from all corners of the world. One of the more popular trends has been the utilization of different types of natural stones that resemble granite but in different colors.

Our company has decades of expertise conducting business in New York. We bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and great values, and we all promise that we’ll stand behind our work 100%.

With local access and freight shipping options to your site, we can help you add the finishing touch to your home and business. Our selection includes limestone steps in multiple colors and sizes, natural granite steps, and granite floors with designs ranging from modern to Colonial styles.

With everything from clay to cinder block capabilities, you can count on Five Boro Building Supply for a wide range of affordable & durable stone and granite options to keep track of any building project.

Five Boro Building Supply

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