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Pavers Supply In Queens, NY

  • A variety of construction stones and pavers for driveways, sidewalks, patios, dams, and walkways- Browse our online catalog to find everything from concrete pavers to fake-grass installation.
  • Wetlook paver sealer

Five Boro Building Supply has been around for over a decade. We know firsthand how much construction contractors, homeowners, and businesses rely on us to provide the quality pavers they need at competitive prices.

In order to ensure long-term durability, we assure high-quality products and outstanding customer service. Where else could you get a builders-grade quality paver this affordable?

Our unique product line allows us to provide high-quality pavers to every state in the US. Five Boro Bldg Supply offers unmatched quality, with a wide range of options.

When it comes to pavers and related materials, Five Boro has collections suited for any project you or your clients have in mind. So, reach out to our team for a free estimate today!

Five Boro Building Supply

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